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Air transport activities are expected to double over the next 15 years. The aviation community therefore needs to train and prepare enough qualified professionals to support this growth leading to measurable outcomes. Globally harmonized strategies are therefore essential for a capacity‐building roadmap in aviation training.

Despite a growing diversification of tools and methods, training in aviation continues to rely heavily on constant course materials and traditional classroom instruction . Conventional class-room training has lost the lustre and efficacy of intended learning. The tech-savvy young generation evinces a lackadaisical response to it. Influx of Big Data, Mixed Reality, virtual learning platforms professes a new, innovative approach and strategy for training. Gaining insight into aviation training intelligence data, taking data-driven informed decisions, formulating an interactive and stimulating training matrix full of simulation, role-play, case-study etc. will bear fruit for us.

The event will help aviation stakeholders to explore innovative training solutions which will :

  • captivate and stimulate the participants
  • drive them to delve deep into the subject
  • incorporate latest technology and competency frameworks
  • lead to measurable outcomes enhancing individual job performance and organisational efficiency.

ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Course Developers and Instructors Standardization (CDI/STD) Meeting will be an excellent platform for Aviation Training Organisations to collaborate and define training solutions for the ensuing challenges in aviation. Developing the best competency-based training programmes, delivering them with pedagogic innovation, blended with the latest technology, and analysing efficacy of training by post-training evaluation will be part of the deliberation in the CDI/STD Meeting. Forging new partnerships for capacity-building priorities, gaining iInsights from aviation intelligence leading to diligent and informed decision-making, applying effective change management in training centre operations will harness the creative energy of participants.

(Sitting right to left) Shri Suresh P. Parbhu, MInister of Civil Aviation ; Shri Jayant Sinha, Minister of State Civil Aviation ; Shri R.N. Choubey, Secretary, Civil Aviation

(left to right) Shri Hareendaranathan E.P, Director, IAA felicitating Shri Anuj Aggarwal, President, Governing Body, IAA.

24 OCTOBER - 26 OCTOBER 2018

About Indian Aviation Academy (IAA)

Indian aviation academy (IAA) is a premier institute for Education, Training and Research in Aviation. The academy fosters a culture of continuous learning. With three organizations under its umbrella - Airports Authority of India (AAI), Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the Academy has constantly endeavoured to empower aviation professionals by enhancing knowledge and honing their skill. A full member of ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS (TPP) program, IAA has collaboration with IATA, ACI and many renowned management institutes to foster training activities on global aviation arena. IAA also sponsors India-ICAO Fellowship program for Developing Countries. The collaborative pursuit has helped IAA carve a niche for itself on many national and international platforms.

The Academy imparts training in Aviation management, Airport Operations, Airport Engineering- Construction, Maintenance and Project Management, Airport Finance, Human Resource Management, Airport Commercial and Land Management, Aviation Law, Air Cargo Management, Aviation Security and Aviation Safety. With a team of talented and competent ICAO qualified course developers and instructors, IAA is fully geared up to take on the challenge of bridging the gap between the demand and supply of industry by fulfilling training requirements of all aviation stakeholders. IAA constantly focuses on developing competency-based courses, upgrading all training packages and benchmarking them in tune with global best practices.

IAA is committed to take forward ICAO’s vision of providing safe, secure and sustainable global civil aviation system and promote its mission of “No country left behind” by helping SAARC and African countries through subsidized training costs. Contributing to an integrated eco-system which will lead to sustainable growth of aviation and associated sectors will be hallmark of all our activities. By engaging in path-breaking aviation education and training, the academy strives to develop itself as Centre of Excellence and create an integrated eco-system in Aviation training.

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